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13 minutes agoUnknown
got call from some moron from 503-765-1054. I didn't answer. probably trying to sell some B.S. oh well, who cares. I don't


52 minutes agoUnknown
I received this automated voicemail to call back regarding a court order. Why leave a recording with a number to call back?? Why not just call directly? I called back several times and spoke with a Ms. Jackson who then transfered me supposedly to the person who call, it then when to a voicemail that had no information of who the caller was. I'm done trying. I believe it is a scam. I blocked the number! Don't have time!


54 minutes agoUnknown
Called, no message. Called back and picked up after 3 rings but no one ever says anything. Caller Type: Silent Call


1 hour agoUnknown
I answered the phone call, said Hello several times, it's just silence, no one responded, so I hung up... what a waste of time... please get a real job!


2 hour agoUnknown
Not sure if this is a good number. Can't seem to get anyone to answer the phone an when they do they hang up on you. Caller Type: Scam Call


4 hour agoUnknown
Received a recording on my cell phone asking me if I wanted a free cruise to the Bahamas.


6 hour agoUnknown
CAlled 2 days in a row, did not leave a message on machine


6 hour agoUnknown
Sirius/XM Harassment was the nature of the call received


7 hour agoUnknown
Calls to tell you you win some trip, if you say yes to anything they record it and edit it to make you sound like you ordered some big expensive thing. If you resist, they try to take legal action. This is the worst. Don't say a thing, just hang up. Caller Type: Scam Call


10 hour agoUnknown
Justin Logan and Sam Harper , He classified said it was the CIA/CRA, and i was being charged with tax fraud and i havent paid 2281.57 in taxes between 2010 to 2015. He said i would be arrested and put in jail f


11 hour agoUnknown
Tax scam , Tells you money is owed to the IRS. A warrant is being placed, threats of jail and all personal property seized. Demands the money immediatly. Offers payment plan...these criminals


12 hour agoNegative
Six calls in 2 days. They just won't stop. Had to block scammer.


12 hour agoUnknown
On a voice mail, they said two charges are being filed, papers needed to be served or I could call to settle. This is the 4th time. I am worried if I don't pay t ,I will be served and it can cause problems


12 hour agoNegative
Have received numerous calls from this number, finally answered one call and the caller talked spanish. He also switch to english, I asked what he wanted without any answer pretty sure it was a fishing or scam call.


14 hour agoUnknown
Got several calls from this number - never leaves a voice message. Have blocked it


14 hour agoUnknown
Press 1 to speak to a customer representative.


14 hour agoNegative
This caller is calling on behalf of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and wants you to answer survey questions about politics and other BS.


16 hour agoPositive
SnapPower - Returning a call I made to them = Valid Call


16 hour agoUnknown
This number called on a Saturday but did not leave a message. I won't answer a number not listed in my contacts. And if they won't leave a message I block them. Simple as that.


16 hour agoUnknown
Same here. I couldn't truly understand it through the accent, but clearly heard anti-american and ISIS and Jihad. Caller Type: Scam Call


16 hour agoNegative
i got a call from this number, caller did not answer.


16 hour agoUnknown
offer of solar panel information , Unsolicited, very rude, will not listen to a polite no...when told that call is on record as being a scam and that the consumer is not interested the scammer said that she WILL kee


17 hour agoNegative
Spam give away crap.


17 hour agoUnknown
Suspected scammer. Copied Craigslist posting words, texted me nothing else. Facebook search shows name but no information


17 hour agoUnknown
They wanted to give me an address in Harahan, LA for me to claim my prize.


17 hour agoUnknown
Number called picked up no one on line,I called it back political survey


18 hour agoUnknown
I got two calls, rapidly over a 2 or 3 second period. Each rang for a fraction of a second. No message was left.


18 hour agoUnknown
Me too. Is it a legit number?


19 hour agoUnknown
Transworld systems. Debt collector. Never leaves a message.


19 hour agoUnknown
Just calls if you pick up it makes a beep. Hackers I think yes


19 hour agoNegative


19 hour agoUnknown
I never call back number which unfamiliar to me, glad after googled this number I found this website, and I can read your comments here... thank you for the warning guys!


21 hour agoUnknown
Got a call from them they left a message for my attorney to call them about an urgent matter. It was a robot call. I called back and of course it disconnects without answering. Beware. Probably one of those Irs calls.


22 hour agoUnknown
Cvg dpt , Wanted to know miles on vehicle said time for warranty running out


23 hour agoUnknown
Call I'd says I person will not say business they are from always say will call back later. Want us to say yes all the time as to who we are when we ask want they want before giving them to my parents I believe it is some sort of scam. Caller Type: Scam Call


23 hour agoUnknown
Yes I heard this kind of scam as well lately... Glad I didn't answer this caller, due to I never picked the phone up from unrecognized number... thank you for the information.


23 hour agoUnknown
Just called did not recognize the number. I don't ever answer those. Caller Type: Other


23 hour agoUnknown
Provided pin number I was said to have requested. I didn't.


1 day agoUnknown
Called and asked for someone else, wouldn't say what call was about. Was very rude


1 day agoUnknown
Called. Did not leave a message.


1 day agoUnknown
Misrepresented his business as an electronic repair service and took my money and didn't provide the service he was paid to do. His name is Sean and he can't be trusted. Caller Type: Scam Call


1 day agoUnknown
Unidentified robo call about a debt. My only debt is a mortgage and it is not in arrears. Beware or potential scam.


1 day agoUnknown
Ask my name and wanted to sell me insurance. Caller Type: Telemarketer


1 day agoUnknown
He threat me and curse me


1 day agoUnknown
Same person that uses two different company names threatens to serve papers calls my employer multiple times every day this is a scam


1 day agoUnknown
804-294-6734 This number has been researched 10 times in the last 3 days. Didn't pick up didn't leave a message. From the Richmond VA area.


1 day agoUnknown
I can't request they stop as there isn't this option. It's a recorded message.


1 day agoUnknown
Calls my cell phone around 3 times a day, never leaves a message when I call them back they want me to tell them who I am before they will tell me who they are and what company they are with. This is on and on.


1 day agoNegative
Multiple calling from this number without any human response.


1 day agoUnknown
Number I was to call back, according to Monica, was 866 950 9903, not even the same number that was on my caller id.

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